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DK7ZB got the G5KW-Shield of the UK-Six-Meter-Group for the best Six News article

"A portable Array of 2x3-Element-Yagis for 50 MHz"


 the Article

11-08-2017: The vertical C-Pole Antennas (new)   C-Pole

07-06-2017: New VHF/UHF-Antennas  The Zigzag-Antennas

05-06-2017: Modifications 7-El.-Carant-Yagi for the 70-cm-Band  (In German!)

27-02-2017: Baluns with a FT240-43 core    Baluns

25-02-2017: Feeding the Double-Zepp with Transmatch and Baluns   Feeding

05-07-2016: New 13-El.-2-m-EME-Yagi    13-El.-Yagi 2 m

29-03-2016: A link to an excellent description for building a 2-m-28-Ohm-Longyagi

by Steve, G1YBB, (with photos and videos!) you will find   here

04-02-2016: New VE7BQH-Tables     6-m-VE7BQH-List         2-m-VE7BQH-List

19-12-2015: Wire Antennas with a switchable   MTFT

06-02-2015: Starting a new series "Wire-Antennas". Look   here

17-11-2014: Updated 18-Ohm-match with different coaxcables of 50 and 75 Ohm parallel   DK7ZB-match

07-07-2014: New 4-El.-DK7ZB-Yagi by KONNI       4-El.-70-MHzYagi

25-04-2014: New VE7BQH-Lists     2-m-List      6-m-List

17-11-2013: The Big Gun - new 7-El.-10-m-Yagi with 16,7-m-Boom     7-El.-10-m-Yagi

13-10-2013: Update OWL-, OWM- and V-Yagis    Update

01-10-2013: Small 5-El.-50-Ohm-Yagi for 430-440 MHz     5-El.-70-cm-Yagi

03-09-2013: New 3-El.-Yagis for 24 MHz         3-El.-12-m-Yagi

22-07-2013: New 4-El.-50-MHz-Yagi with impressive pattern      4-El.-Yagi

03-07-2013: New VE7BQH-Lists          6-m-VE7BQH-List         2-m-VE7BQH-List

22-03-2013: New ingenious element holders by Aage, LA4ZH    New element holders

16-03-2013: New 144-MHz-OWM and OWL-Yagis    OWM+OWL-Yagis

03-Febr-2013: New Duoband antenna, shortened Dipole for 10 m + 3-El.-Yagi for 6 m  Mini-Duoband

25-Jan-2013: New Oblong and rhombic loops for shortwave   Oblong + Rhombus

12-Jan-2013: New 5-El.-28-Ohm-10-m-Yagi, high gain     5-El-10-m-Yagi 9,25 m Boom

03-Jan-2013: New 6-El.-28-Ohm-Yagi for 2-m-FM   6-El-2-m-FM-Yagi

21-Nov-2012: New stacked Array 2x3-Element 28-Ohm-Yagis for 10 m by DK1MAX    2x3-El-Stacked

22-Sep-2012: New cheap element holding with meadow fence insulators    Fence insulators

06-Apr-2012: New, very short 2-m-Yagi with good pattern in SSB/CW or FM-Version


06-FEB-2012: New VE7BQH-List  2 m  Issue 85    2-m-VE7BQH-List

New VE7BQH-List  6 m  Issue 17    6-m-VE7BQH-List

24-Jan-2012: Updated 2-El.-Portable-Yagi 25 Ohm for 6-20 m    Link

12-Jan-2012: Circular polarization for EME    Link

07-Dec-2011: New Moxon-Beams with Aluminium Tubes    Moxon

19-Nov-2011: New VE7BQH-List  2 m  Issue 84    2-m-VE7BQH-List

01-Nov-2011: Update Portable-Yagis with new dismantable 2-El.-Yagi

14-Oct-2011: Update Triple-Leg        Link

08-Aug-2011: New 5-El.-6-m-50-Ohm-Yagi        Link

04-Aug-2011: New 6-El.-2-m-Lightweight-Yagi with extreme good pattern     Link

28-July-2010: New Dualband-Moxon-Beam 10m/6m with Aluminium Tubes  Link

30-June-2011: New 3-El.-12-m-Yagi with extreme high F/B     Link

New 3-El.-17-m-Yagi with extreme high F/B     Link

04-Apr-2011: Congratulation to Leo, SV2DCD and Willem,  ZS6WB to the worldwide first 70-MHz-TEP-QSO. Leo is using the 9-El.-28-Ohm-DK7ZB-Yagi. Look for the Youtube-video!     Link   

31-Mar-2011: New lightweight-Yagi, 1.50m, 28 Ohm, extreme broadband   new Lightweight-Yagi

26-Mar-2011: New element mounting method for the lightweight-Yagis with snap-in-bushings Lightweight-Details

11-Mar-2011: The Quadruple Oblong for 2 m    Quadruple Oblong

10-Feb-2011: The 5-El.-50-Ohm-Yagi for 70 MHz now available as commercial version by KONNI

5-El-50-Ohm-Yagi for 70 MHz

05-Feb-2011: New VE7BQH-List  2 m  Issue 83    2-m-VE7BQH-List

New VE7BQH-List  6 m  Issue 16    6-m-VE7BQH-List

24-Jan-2011: Update Antenna Tuner Test LDG AT-100 Pro ll (German!)    LDG AT-100 Pro ll

10-Jan-2011: Update "The Moxon-Antenna"   MOXON

30-Dec-2010: New Quadruple-Quadlongs for 144 MHz       2-m-Quadruple-Quadlongs

23-Nov-2010: The CE0Y-7-m-Triple Leg for 10-40 m      Link Triple Leg

09-Aug-2010: New stacked array of 4x25-Ohm-Yagis on the "Leightweight"-page  Link

14-July-2010: New 4-m-Yagis with 5 Elements and 50 Ohm, Boom 2,85 and 3,05 m  Link

     New 6-m-Yagi with 5 Elements, 12.5 Ohm and 4 m Boom  Link

10-May-2010: Update DK7ZB-Match with an impedance choke for 2 m made of 2xRG179 cable DK7ZB-match

updated data for 19-El.-28-Ohm-Longyagi for 432 MHz

21-Mar-2010: Update 7-El.-70-cm-Leightweight-Yagi  7-El.-70-cm-Yagi

03-Feb-2010: New 3-El.-50-MHz-Yagi with 2,20 m boom, 12,5 Ohm, high-gain  New Yagi

All you need is gain!

    27-Jan-2010:     update 4-m-Yagis

    18-Jan-2010: New VE7BQH-List for 2-m-Yagis, ISSUE 69  VE7BQH-List

    15-Jan-2010: Updated 4-m-Yagis, Portable Shortwave Yagi, Test portable Yagi YP-3, new 6-El.-2-m-Yagi

new Dualband-Yagis 10/15 m and 12/17 m,  Shortwave Quads

German pages (Deutsche Seiten): 5+6-El.-2-m-Yagis, Test Tuner MFJ-976HB, Vorträge Weinheim 2004-2009

04-Nov-2009: New 50-MHz-50-Ohm-Yagi with 4,00 m Boom and 8,27 dBd Gain  New Yagi

30-Aug-2009: New Duoband-Yagi for 6 m and 10 m with 3,60 m boom  10m/6m-Duoband-Yagi

27-Aug-2009: New 7-Element-2-m-Yagi for small EME-Groups  7-Element-Yagi

23-Aug-2009: The pages and  are bought by some strange speculator, therefore the sites and are now used for the webspace of DK7ZB.

 Lucjan, SQ9VPA, has given me the space for a mirror site and the e-mail adress

martin (at) . Mni tnx! His website you can reach with VPA-Systems

23-Aug-2009: Update DK7ZB-match Quicklink

18-Aug-2009: New Triband-Yagi for VHF (6 m, 4 m, 2 m) with one feedpoint   Quicklink

12-Aug-2009: Update Yagis ultralight with 25-Ohm-Yagis for easy stacking and only one coax connection for two antennas   Quicklink