Construction details 9-Ele.-28-Ohm 10-Ele-28-Ohm 11-Ele-28-Ohm 12-Ele.-28-Ohm
13-Ele.-28-Ohm 14-Ele.-28-Ohm 17-Ele.-28-Ohm 19-Ele.-28-Ohm  

19-Ele.-28-Ohm-DK7ZB-Yagi (13,70m Boom)

Longest version in the series

Gain 16,15dBd     F/R >30dB

High gain and medium bandwidth,

2MHz for SWR <1,5  

good pattern

Stacking horizontal 5,39m, vertical 5,22m

The 19-Ele-Yagi built by Nick, HB9EFK,   Alpe del Tiglio, JN46NI

Pictures above and below: The Yagis by Frederic, HB9TTY


built by

Henk, PA0EME


built by

Henk, PA0EME


Lengths and positions of the Elements
The given length of the radiator element is from tip to tip, including 10mm spacing for the insulated part.

Element Position Length (6mm)
Ref 0mm 1026mm
Rad 335mm  986mm (12mm)
D 1 595mm 955mm
D 2 1115mm 933mm
D 3 1800mm 918mm
D 4 2590mm 906mm
D 5 3435mm 896mm
D 6 4325mm 887mm
D 7 5230mm 879mm
D 8 6150mm 875mm
D 9 7080mm 871mm
D 10 8010mm 869mm
D11 8935mm 868mm
D 12 9850mm 866mm
D 13 10745mm 866mm
D 14 11615mm 862mm
D 15 12445mm 859mm
D 16 13160mm 877mm
D 17 13700mm 858mm