Construction details 9-Ele.-28-Ohm 10-Ele-28-Ohm 11-Ele-28-Ohm 12-Ele.-28-Ohm
13-Ele.-28-Ohm 14-Ele.-28-Ohm 17-Ele.-28-Ohm 19-Ele.-28-Ohm  

17-Ele.-28-Ohm-DK7ZB-Yagi (12,15m Boom)

The 17-Ele-28-Yagi ready for EME-use at the station of



Lengths and positions of the Elements
The given length of the radiator element is from tip to tip, including 10mm spacing for the insulated part.

Updated data 09-Sept-2009 with 12,7mm (1/2 inch) elements and 6mm-elements. The Yagi in the VE7BQH-list has 6mm elements, with 8mm or 10mm the bandwidth is greater and the antenna has slightly more gain, butmore windload.

Element Position Length (12,7mm) Length (10mm) Length (8mm) Length (6mm)
Ref 0mm 1020mm 1024mm 1025mm 1030mm
Rad 345mm  980mm (12,7mm) 985mm (12mm) 989mm (12mm) 995mm (12mm)
D 1 520mm 945mm 956mm 964mm 972mm
D 2 1015mm 908mm 918mm 926mm 936mm
D 3 1690mm 891mm 901mm 909mm 919mm
D 4 2505mm 873mm 883mm 891mm 899mm
D 5 3365mm 863mm 873mm 881mm 891mm
D 6 4260mm 855mm 865mm 873mm 883mm
D 7 5165mm 851mm 861mm 869mm 879mm
D 8 6070mm 849mm 859mm 867mm 877mm
D 9 6975mm 846mm 856mm 864mm 874mm
D 10 7880mm 844mm 854mm 862mm 872mm
D11 8785mm 839mm 849mm 857mm 867mm
D 12 9690mm 838mm 848mm 856mm 866mm
D 13 10595mm 838mm 848mm 856mm 866mm
D 14 11410mm 854mm 864mm 872mm 882mm
D 15 12110mm 807mm 817mm 825mm 835mm


4x17-Ele.-H-configuration, Gain 21,72dBd (without stacking losses), G/T=+0,12

Vertical 5,19m, horizontal 5,01m