Design principles 5-El.-2-m-OWM-Yagi 8-El.-2-m-OWM-Yagi 8-El.-2-m-OWL-Yagi 11-El.-2-m-OWL-Yagi 14-El.-2-m-OWL-Yagi


Design study V-Yagis

Low Noise 50-Ohm-11-El.-V-Yagi 

144,3 MHz, single Yagi: Boom 6,22 m  

   Gain 13,07 dBd      F/B > 32 dB      Ta = 232,7 K     

   G/T = -8,46 


Detail of the V-radiator construction by DF9UX

The 11-El.-50-Ohm-V-Yagi

(First Prototype)

Built by Erich,



The measured data of the Yagi built by DF9UX

Meanwhile the EME-Array of 

Erich, DF9UX 

is complete:


4x11-El.-V-Yagi as X-pol

The schema of the Yagi structure

Elements 8 mm, radiator 10 mm diameter

Element Ref Rad D 1 D 2 D 3 D 4 D 5 D 6 D 7 D 8 D 9
Position 0 mm 310 mm 515 mm 940 mm 1540 mm 2220 mm 2960 mm 3740 mm 4580 mm 5445 mm 6220 mm
Length 1014 mm see down 948 mm 922 mm 904 mm 898 mm 890 mm 878 mm 866 mm 846 mm 830 mm


Construction of the V-Radiator

The radiator is made with 10x1-mm-Aluminium. The middle part consists of two pieces of 95 mm tubes with a gap of 10 mm for the feedpoint.

Then bend the radiator towards the reflector with an angle of 9,5. The distance between the tip of the radiator and the reflector is 245 mm, measured from the middle parts of the tubes. 

The length of each radiator half is 496,5 mm, including 5 mm for the gap.

For your own investigation you can download the EZNEC-file:



The EZNEC-Table with the Dimensions