Pictures of DK7ZB-designed Yagis


4 Yagis with 8m-Boom, Gain 20dBd


Yagis built by Pascal, DM2PG

Sunset at Clubstation OK1KVK/OL7C

8x7-El.-28-Ohm-2m-Yagi, 20dBd Gain


Yagis built by OK1 GP



Foto by  OK1WMR (tnx!)

Two stacked 12-Element-28Ohm-Yagis

for 70cm, built by Wolf, DK1IP


Foto: DK1IP


Professionell measuring by Wolf, DK1IP (Spectrumanalyser with Trackinggenerator Advantest R3361C and R&S SWR-Bridge ZRB2) gives SWR <1,04 at 15m-Aircell-7 low-loss cable for a single Yagi.

5-Element-6m-Yagi (18-Ohm-Technology) built by Manfred, DL8FBC.

Boomlength 6m, Gain 9,3dBd, Front/Rear >33dB. Bandwidth at SWR <1.5 more than 700KHz.

Above is a 7-Ele-DK7ZB for 2m.

6m-Yagis at DK3EE

2x5-Element-6m-Yagi in 12,5-Ohm-Technology, built by Tom, DK3EE, Boomlength 6m, Gain 12,3dBd, Front/Rear >28dB, Bandwidth at SWR <1,5 about 500KHz


Baubeschreibung "50MHz-Yagis in 12,5Ohm-Technik" im FUNKAMATEUR 5/98




The same 5-Element-6m-Yagi in 12,5-Ohm-Technology

built bei Heinz, DJ4IC


4x14-Element-Yagigroup (28-Ohm-Technology) at DF0RW (OV R 17) for contests and EME, Boom 9,90m, gain of a single antenna 15dBd at Front/Rear >30dB!

Gain of the group :

21dBd at G/T -0,77  

(see VE7BQH-List)

Baubeschreibung "Hochleistungsyagis für das 2m-Band in 28Ohm-Technik" im FUNKAMATEUR 1/97


5-Element-10m-Yagi  7,50m-Boom, gain 8,2dBd

Built by Gernot, DH9FAB

Baubeschreibung "Selbstbau-Yagis für das 10m-Band" in Heft 1/97 funk

4-El.-6m-Yagi, based on a FUBA-channel-4-TV-antenna with  DK7ZB.

6.4dBd gain,  F/R 18dB

Now used by  DL8FAJ


Baubeschreibung "4-Element-Kurzyagi für das 6m-Band" in funk Heft 5/98


2x7-El.-2m-Yagi in 28-Ohm-Design stacked, built by Pascal, DM2PG

Baubeschreibung "Kurze Yagis für das  2m-Band  in bewährter 28-Ohm-Technik" in FUNKAMATEUR Heft 2/00



4x4-El.-2m-28Ohm- Yagis 

 Contest- Crew OL1F, built by Milan, OK1VWK

Fixed position to DL

4x21-El.-70cm-EME-group in 28-Ohm-Design, built by Gerhard, DL1DWI

He made his first EME-QSO with 100Wtts output!

DK7ZB/p in JO41WE, 730m ASL

1. Place Thueringen-Contest 21-Sept-2002

1. Place Thueringen-Contest 23-Sept-2003

2x8-El.-2m-Yagi, Report in cq-DL 7/2001

12-El.-28-Ohm-Yagi for 2m

23-El.-28Ohm-Yagi for 70cm


Antennas built by Graeme,



10-El.-2m-Yagi in 28-Ohm-Design, built by Burghard, DG9YIF

Baubeschreibung "Hochleistungsyagis für das 2m-Band " in FUNKAMATEUR Heft 1/97



 DK7ZB-Yagis, built by

 Ingo, DL5KCI


7-El.-Yagi 2m

21-El.-Yagi 70cm