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7-El.-2m 7-El.-70cm 9-El.-70cm 10-El.-70cm 12-El.-70cm 14-El.-70cm
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The 2-Element-2m-Yagi, Boom 37cm


Gain 4,0 dBd, F/B 10db

Boom 37 cm, Yagi with Reflector


Dimensions for a single Yagi

  Position Length (4mm) Length (3,2mm)
Reflector 0 mm 1032 mm 1034 mm
Radiator 370 mm 950 mm 954 mm

The picture shows the two Yagis mounted on a fishing rod for portable use in JO41WE, Hoher Mei▀ner, 720m high.

For stacking the Yagis must have other lengths for the elements! The impedance is influenced by the stacking, therefore new lengths are to be calculated. The stacking distance is exactly 1,30 m for a good matching with the given dimensions.

The stacked array 2 over 2 has a gain of 7,8 dBd including the stacking losses.

The stacking cable is 2x 3/4-lambda RG59 (2x 1,00 m)


Dimensions for the stacked 2-El.-Yagi

  Position Length (4mm) Length (3,2mm)
Reflector 0 mm 1020 mm 1022 mm
Radiator 370 mm 968 mm 972 mm