DK7ZB with Speedster-Turbo, 285 HP, 450nm, 900kg weight. Route des Grand Alpes, France

This is "Torre", a Maremmano-Dog from Sardinia. Found in May 2015 as a little hungry ball of wool near

Porto Torres/North Sardinia. Now my best friend, an excellent watchdog for my house and my motorcaravan.

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 DK7ZB At the VHF-Convention in Weinheim 2005

Born in 1946, now retired

First lis 1969 as DC9BQ, since 1973 DK7ZB

ex F0HSE

Favorite bands:  6m + 30m

QSOs 90% in CW!

Antennas on a GB-Tower

Titanex DLP-15 Log-Periodic for 14-28 MHz

With linear loaded Dipoles for 10 MHz/7 MHz

Antenna working also above 30MHz up to 100MHz with SWR < 2!

Test-Report for DOWNLOAD

2 x 20-m-Inverted-Vee with 450-Ohm-Feeder + Z-Match-ATU for 7, 5, 3.5 and 1.8 MHz

6-El.-28-Ohm- Yagi for the  50-MHz-Band.

Boom 7,2 m, gain 10,1 dBd

On top a 50-MHz-Halfwave-Vertical


10-El.-28-Ohm-Yagi for 2 m, 6-m-Boom 

4-El.-Vertical-2-m- Yagi (28 Ohm)

UFB-33-Homemade (only Traps commercial) 3-Element-Beam for 24/18/10 MHz


ICOM-7600, IC-7300, Linears ETO-91b, Expert 1,3K-FA

2 m/70 cm/23 cm: IC-9700

 2-m-Linears: BEKO-High Power MOSFET

Homemade 4CX250B (400W RF)

70-cm-PA 4CX250B, (350W RF)


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DXpeditions (QSOs mostly  in CW!):

April 1992 EA9 (Mellilia, North-Africa), EA9/DK7ZB
April 1993, April 1994, March1998 TK (Corsica), TK/DK7ZB
July 1993 OH0 (Aland-Isles), OH0/DK7ZB
1997-2018, each year QRV for several weeks IS0 (Sardinia), IS0/DK7ZB
July 2000, July 2001 SV3 (KM06, KM16), SV3/DK7ZB
1990-2018, each year several weeks Dec/Jan  EA8 (Gran Canaria), EA8/DK7ZB 
October 2010 CE0Y/DK7ZB (Easter Island)
October/November 2010 CE2/DK7ZB (Chile)