built by Dirk, ON1IM

The 4x7-Element-Group of

Herman, PB0AHX

4xYagis in H-configuration

Distance in vertical plane is 2,85m and in horizontal plane is 3,00m between the Yagis.

You can stack the 4 Yagis with a harness of coax-cables:

 Use 4x50-Ohm-cable, any length (l1), but all cables must have the same length. At the points X you have a feedpoint impedance of 25Ohm. 

With a quarter-wave transformer (lambda/4*V) of 2x50Ohm-coax (l2) you transform each side to 100Ohm, by connecting them together at point Y you get the desired 50Ohm for the cable to your shack.

Horizontal pattern for 4x7-El.- Yagi-Group in H-configuration

Vertical pattern for 4x7-El.- Yagi-Group in H-configuration

4xYagis vertically stacked

This group is a very good configuration for contests: Good horizontal angle of radiation and extermly low vertical elevation angle. Used by several contest-groups in Germany! The stacking distance between all Yagis is 3,00m, not easy to handle!

You can stack the 4 Yagis with a harness of coax-cables (75 Ohm). Here is the method of quarterwave-transformers used, too.

4x lambda 5/4 or 7/4*V (l1) to the points X, then with further pieces of lambda 5/4 or 7/4 * V (l2) to the point Y with 50Ohm.

You need less cable for this method as with 50Ohm cables and 75-Ohm-coax has lower losses as 50-Ohm-cables.

Vertical pattern of 4x7-Element-Yagis with a vertical stacking of 3m.

Horizontal pattern is the same as with one Yagi.